Saturday, 9 July 2011


Asalam u Alikum bothes and sisters,
                                Umeed ha ap sub khariat se hon ge.Main ne 2nd year bio k students k liye iportant short and long questions likhe hain.Plz parhain or comment den.Inshaallah main bohot jald 9th se 14th class ki books ki important quesions likhon ga.Umeed ha ap ko passand aye ga.
                                                                                  Rememeber me in you prayers
                                                                                  Allah hafiz
FULL BOOK.chapter no.15 TO 27
   there are three chapters from 15 TO 18
                 (19 to 27 are coming soon )
     Important Short Questions. 

  1. Define homeostasis?
  2. Define osmoregulation?
  3. Define excretion?
  4. Define themoregulation?
  5. What is hypertonic,hypotonic and isotonic environment?
  6. Differentiate between osmoregulation and osmoconformers?
  7. Define anhydrobioses and give an exemple?
  8. What is excretophore?
  9. Define ammonotelic ureotelic and uricotelic animals?
  10. What are flame cells?
  11. Differentiate between ureter and urethra?
  12. What is counter current multiplier?
  13. Define lithotripsy and which tecniques are used to remove kidney stones? 
  14. How peritonial dialysis is done?
  15. What is peritonial dailysis and describe its types?
  16. What are heat shock protiens?
  17. What are poikilotherms?
  18. What are homeotherms?
  19. Differentiate between endothems and ectothems and heterotherms?
  20. what role hormones play in kidney?
  21. Differentiate shivering and non shivering themogenesis?
  22. Define blubber?
  23. Write a short note on pyrexia?
  24. What are pyrogens?
  25. What is renal failure?
  26. Why do the filtration takes place only at gromeruli part and nowhere else?
     Important Long Questions.
  1. What is osmoregulation in plants and describe its tpyes in details?
  2. Describe excretion in cockroack?
  3. Describe urinary system and what is the role of nephron in kindney?
  4. Discuss kidney problems and causes?
  5. Whrite a note on pyrexia?


                SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT
     Important Short Questions. 
  1. Define turgor pressure?
  2. Define secondary growth?
  3. Differentiate between sapwood and heartwood?
  4. Differentiate between autonomic movements and peratonic movments?
  5. What are phototatic movements and chemotatic movements?
  6. What are sleep movements?
  7. What are rapid  movement of leaflets and give an exemple?
  8. Differentiate between epinasty hyponasty and nutation?
  9. Define phototropism with exemple?
  10. Define thigmotropism with exemple?
  11. Define chemotropism with exemple?
  12. Define hydrotopism with exemple?
  13. Define geotropism with exemple?
  14. Define nyctinasty with exemple?
  15. Define photonasty with exemple?
  16. Define thermoonasty with exemple?
  17. Define hyponasty with exemple?
  18.  Differentiate between endotherm and ectothems?
  19. What is ecdysis or molting?
  20. Write some magor functions of some skeleton muscules?
  21. Define cartilage and its types?
  22. Write the names of unpaired and paired bones of crenium?
  23. Write the names of unpaired and paired facial bones?
  24. What are synovial joints and discribe its types?
  25. Differentiate between microcephaly,arthritus and osteoarthritis?
  26. Define rickets,its causes and how it can be treated?
  27. What is hematoma formation?
  28. Define remolding?
  29. Define secromere?
  30. Dieffrentiate between tropomayosin and toponin?
  31. What is rigor mortis?
  32. Diffrentiate between tetney and term tetnus?
  33. What are the causes of cramps?
  34. Differentiate between origin and insertion?
  35. Differentiate between ligment and tendons?
  36. What is antagonastic?
  37. Diffrentiate between branchialis and brachioradius?
  38. Differ between effective stock and recovery stock?
  39. What is jet propultion?
  40. What is passive and active flight?
  41. What are plantigrade,digitigrade and ungligrade animals?
  42. How muscle fatige is produce?
  43. Differ between axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton?
  44. Differ btween phototatic and chemotatic movements?
  45. Diffrentiate between ostiosyts and osteoblast?
  46. Differ between brachialis and brachioradialis?
  47. What is origin and insertion?
  48. Differ between bone and cartilage?
  49. What is troponin and tropomiysin?

     Improtant Long Questions

  1. Write the significance of secondary growth?
  2. Movement in plants and its both types in detail?
  3. Describe axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton?
  4. Write a note on repairing of broken bones?
  5. Locomotion in mammals?


      Important Short Questions. 

  1. How do the plants differ from animals and their coordiantion?
  2. Differ between etiolated and chlorosis?
  3. What is the diffrence between calluses and galls?
  4. Define circadian and circannual rythmes?
  5. What is the commercial apllication of auxins?
  6. Define recenpters and its types?
  7. What are neurolgia?
  8. What are effecters and how they respond?
  9. Define reflex arc?
  10. Define resting membrane potiential?
  11. Define active membrane potiential?
  12. What is synapes?
  13. What are nurotransmeters with exemples?
  14. Differ between ganglia and nerves?
  15. What are ceribral and crenial nerves?
  16. Define sympathetic system?
  17. Define parasympethetic system?
  18. What is parkinsons disease?
  19. What is epilepsy?
  20. What is Alzumer's disease?
  21. What is the action of nicotin?
  22. Define hormones and its properties?
  23. What is the effect low and high concentration of perathyroid glands ?
  24. Define kineses?
  25. What is reflexes and instincts?
  26. Define imprinting with exemple?
  27. Define habituation with exemple?
  28. Diffrentiate between latent and insight learning?
  29. What is the difference between CNS and PNS?
  30. What are the function of paratyroid glands?
  31. Define the terms of hormones?
  32. List different types of topsin?

       Important Long Questions

  1. Write plant hormones and its types in details?
  2. What are neurons and define structure and function of different types of neurons?
  3. Describe resting membrane potiential in detail?
  4. Describe active membrane potiential in detail?
  5. Define synapse?what are its functions?
  6. Write a note on brain?
  7. Write down the structure and function of human spinal cord?
  8. Write down the learning behavioure and its types in detail?



    Important Short Questions. 
  1. Define reproduction and its types?
  2. What is a difference between sexual and asexual reproduction?
  3. Differ between isomorphic and heteromorphic?
  4. Define parthenocarpy with exemple?
  5. What is seed dormancy?
  6. Define photoperiodism?
  7. What is vernalization?
  8. What is parthenogenesis with exemple?
  9. What is cloning?
  10. Differ betweeen identical twins and fraternal twins?
  11. Differ between oviperous and viviperous animals
  12. What are steroli cells?
  13. What is ovulation and how it is controls?
  14. What is plecenta and how it is esteblished?
  15. What is oestrous cycle?
  16. What is the role of fetal pituitry in the events of birth?
  17. Write a short note on test tube baby?
  18. What is gonorrhoa?
  19. What is syphillis?
  20. What is genital herpes?
  21. What changes occur in ovulation and menstruation during pregnancy?
  22. What is the difference between oogenesis and spermatoganesis in humans?
  23. How is seed formed?
  24. What is the importance of seed in the life cycle of a plant?
     Important Long Questions

  1. Describe photoperiodism in detail?
  2. What is vernalization?
  3. Describe male reproduction system?
  4. Describe female reproduction system?
  5. Describe various stages of female reproductive cycle?
  6. Explain the reproductive process in human being?